4 Ways to Increase Kerb Appeal

The front of your house is the first place people see when approaching, so it makes sense to spend some time making it look it’s best. By making a few changes, you can have one of the best looking houses on your street.

solidor coloursReplace your front door – Is your front door looking old and tired? Replacing it with a fresh new one can go a long way to brightening up your home. Go a step further and choose a bold colour such as turquoise, yellow,  aubergine, or a trendy grey. Our composite doors come in a great range of colours and are built to stay looking fresher for longer compared to most old wooden doors.

Tidy up your garden – Unkempt gardens give the impression that the rest of your house will be untidy as well, and that you don’t care about your property. For a low maintenance front, if you aren’t big into gardening lay down weed barrier fabric and rocks in garden spaces, or plant bushes to give more green without the effort of looking after flowers. If you are a keen gardener however, plant colourful flowers and bushes for different seasons so that your garden looks fresh all year round. window workReplace windows and frames – The rest of your house may look nice and well presented, but make sure your window frames are clean and replace any that may be rotting. This will not only help your house look better, but will also save on your heating bills. Replacing old, battered frames with uPVC window frames will create a much cleaner look, and as they are little maintenance, you won’t need to do much to keep them looking great for many years down the line. (The above photo shows a door and windows replacement we did last year and what a difference it made to the front of the house.)

Lighting – Add stylish or unique porch lights to the front of your house near the door. Think about whether you’ll need two for a symmetrical look or if your door is offset just one side would work. Strip lighting might be an option depending on your entryway and walls. Good lighting will make it easier to see when you are at your door at night as well as adding to the aesthetics of your home.

"The project ran smoothly and the builders were very tidy" — Mrs Francis, Doncaster

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