Conservatories, space to relax, entertain or an extra room

Conservatories from Decra offer you the space to relax, entertain or give you the extra space room that a growing young family needs.

Outstanding thermal efficiency
Decra conservatories are made to be used all year round, while keeping your heating bills to an absolute minimum. We use the most advanced glazing technology

Safe and sound
A conservatory may look like easy access for a burglar, but at Decra our conservatories are designed to prevent even the most determined intruder from accessing your home.

Guaranteed durability
Decra conservatories are well designed and built from the start, to provide strong walls, frames and roof. We reinforce the foundations with steel before setting a solid base of concrete. They are then made in such a way that not even the worst weather conditions, will cause a problem.

  • Hexagonal

    A very popular design this conservatory  by Decra in Doncaster offers lots of extra space at relatively low cost

  • Edwardian

    This luxurious design of conservatory is large and spacious with an Edwardian flavour

  • Styles and colours

    Decra can supply your conservatory in a wide range of styles and colours

"The project ran smoothly and the builders were very tidy" — Mrs Francis, Doncaster

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