Composite Doors

Doncaster’s Decra Doors have a beautiful range of Composite Doors.  Great colours and brilliant quality with features that you can combine in many different ways.

The 48mm thick doors are nearly twice as thick as conventional doors with a super strong frame combined with up to the minute hardware that will protect you and your family for many years to come.

GRP vs. Solid Core


A Typical foam filled GRP construction has only a small section of the door which is actually solid. The door is made up from two GRP skins bonded to a solid frame, which is then filled with high density foam. The Gel coated GRP skins which are bonded to the frame are vulnerable to scratching.

Solid Core

The Solid Core door is made from sixteen layers of laminated timber. This ensures the grain is not running in one direction. The grain can be the weak point of timber and can lead to warping or splitting. By using sixteen layers of lamination the grain is running in multiple directions ensuring the core has increased strength and rigidity. Bonded to this are two robust coloured PVCu skins that offer realistic wood grain effect or smooth finish in a range of colours.

The door comes complete with a Sculptured frame in a choice of twenty two coloured foils as well as plain white or cream. There is also the option of a 57mm low PVCu threshold instead of the normal 77mm, as well as a 24mm aluminium, which can also have wheelchair ramps fitted. 

Our composite doors are SOLID doors, while 90% of composite doors on the market are foam filled. 

Some designs we offer can be fire doors, so if this is a requirement please speak with us to go over the options.

Composite doors come in a variety of colours, here are some of the main ones.

Composite door colours
Composite door colours

Most of the doors pictured are available in the range of colours shown, and you’re able to add personalisations such as ornate stained glass, house numbers, letter box plates, hardware and more.

Door prices are from £550 including fitting. You can download our Solid door brochure HERE and GRP doors HERE

2 Panel 2 Angle  £620
2 Panel 1 Grill  £605
2 Panel 1 Arch  £605
4 Panels 1 Arch  £580
2 Panel 1 Square  £605
1 Square  £600
2 Panel  4 Square  £675
4 Panel Sunburst  £580
2 Panel 2 Arch  £620
2 Panel Sunburst  £605
4 Panel 2 Square  £605
2 Panel 2 Square 1 Arch  £645
4 Panel  £550
2 Panel 2 Square  £620
Twin Side  £620
3 Square  £630
6 Panel  £550
Mid 3 Square  £630
4 Square  £660
Cottage  £550
Circle  £605
Cottage Half Square  £605
Diamond  £575
3 Diamond  £630
Fully glazed £780
Wellow 2 £660
Wellow 3 £720
Wellow Side £720
Wellow 4 side £880
Wellow Curve £780
Halam £680
Halam Side £680
Urban Halam £770
Urban Halam side £770
Urban wellow centre £880
Urban Wellow Curve £880
Urban Wellow Side £880


Available Side Panel OptionsClick on any of the images above for more detailed information and photos.

We can install any of these composite doors in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. Phone us today for a quote and to pick out your new door.

"The project ran smoothly and the builders were very tidy" — Mrs Francis, Doncaster

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