Privacy Policy

We Do Not Sell Your Details To Other Companies

We use information about you to maintain your account and to process the transactions that you undertake. When you make an online purchase some of the information will be used for identity checking purposes.

To do this, we hold information about you in our records.

More details of what we do with your information are set below:

The information that we hold about you will be used to make your payment. Your information is recorded in our database, and may be held on computer and other media after your purchase.
We may use your information to search your record at one or more sources in order to check your identity.
We may share the information that we hold about you with third parties to protect ourselves, our customers and others, against fraud.
We may pass information about you to third parties for processing on our behalf.
We will not use any of the information that we hold about you for market research, statistical analysis, profiling and other such similar activities.
We will not use information about you to give you details of our services or other products by post, telephone and email, unless you specifically opt in to our mailing list and will not disclose information about you to other organisations which may use it for the same purpose.
In order that our records are maintained to date, please notify us if your information changes at

If you request in writing, you are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you. You are entitled to ask us to amend any inaccurate details or, in some instances, to remove them. If you have any queries about this or have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at

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