Security Locks

Your doors need to be as simple for you to get in as they are difficult for a burglar to bypass. To achieve this we still use a lock with a key, but we use the best technology available to us to keep you safe.

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Lock snapping
A well know technique for bypassing the key, a burglar can quickly, quietly and simply snap your handle and lock and walk into your home.  Decra uses anti-snap locks that are designed to snap off in the correct place leaving the burglar stuck on the outside

Self defense
Inside the Ultion locks that Decra fits there is a central molybdenum core and as soon as the lock detects an attack it will trigger this hidden lock and enter lockdown mode, even if the key is in the lock on the inside. After the attack your key will still work from the inside

Lock bumping
Decra use the Ultion locks which have dedicated bump resistant pins as standard. These pins respond differently to the others, leaving the intruder on the outsdie

Decra locks defeat drilling
In both ends of every Ultion lock that Decra uses there are 6 hardened steel rods and 2 plates. The plates protect the lock from a drill attack through the key way, whilst the 6 rods will stop a drill attack through the bottom of the lock, stopping the intruders drill getting to the mechanism that keeps your home and family safe.

Decra locks are pick protected
If a burglar attempts to enter your home by picking your Ultion lock he will need to be significantly better than most pickers. Standard locks have 5 pins, Ultion locks have 11 pick resistant pins.

Standard cylinder lock V’s Ultion from Brisant-Secure on Vimeo.

We now install Yale Conexis L1 Smart locks, able to be opened with your smartphone or key tag. All you have to do to unlock with your smartphone is to twist your phone 90 degrees and you’re in! The lock is powered by 4 x AA batteries so there’s no need for it to be wired in. All the information including who comes and goes and when is included in the smart phone app. The lock will accept up to 50 different key cards or tags.

Available in Chrome, Polished Brass or Satin Nickel and can be fitted in all our composite and uPVC doors.

  • Quality locks

    Decra in Doncaster have many years of experience and we know selecting best quality of security lock is the first step

  • Technically superior

    We choose Ultion locks for their proven  defence against attack through technological innovation

  • Long lasting

    Decra in Doncaster also like the way that Ultion security locks last longer

"The project ran smoothly and the builders were very tidy" — Mrs Francis, Doncaster

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